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Carrot Crust Pizza (V)

 This one is a keeper! I made a broccoli crust pizza before this (I will post later), and I found this one to be a better consistency! I realize that cauliflower is best for texture of a crust, but this is definitely a great alternative if you don’t have cauliflower! This was so good I […]

Mango Mint Popsicles (V) (GF)

Today I made these little babies. I have plenty of ripe mangos and thought about the weather here in So Cal and thought these would be good to whip up because it’s a double refreshment: cold and mint. Both have a surplus in refreshing my taste buds because I absolutely love mint in anything when […]

Grabbin’ Green Pepper Sauce (V)

I made these when my sweetheart came over my house after his 10 am class. Whenever I am in the kitchen, I never know what I’m making until I start looking in the fridge. I’m sure most bloggers do this, right? Hehe, well I do it because I am currently living frugally and simply, which […]